My research spans all aspects of virtual and augmented environments: spanning 3D user interfaces for social media (Social Street View), 4D video based rendering (Montage4D and Video Fields), foveated rendering (KFR), gestures (VRSurus), and visualization. Previously, I interned at Microsoft Research on Holoportation (4D reconstruction). I also worked at Makeability Lab, HCIL advised by Prof. Jon Froehlich on tangible interfaces (AtmoSPHERE), real-time OCR with haptics feedback (HandSight), and curb ramp recognition (Tohme). I am passionate about inventing future interactive technologies with computer graphics, 3D vision, and HCI. Feel free to visit my ShaderToy page for fun demos!

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Selected Projects

Interactive Poisson Blending on GPU (ShaderToy)

Ruofei Du

DuEngine: An Efficient Interactive C++ Renderer

Ruofei Du

DuCrawler: Mining Datasets from Google and Bing

Ruofei Du

AngryBirds: Deliberately Planning and Acting for Angry Birds with Refinement Methods

Ruofei Du, Zebao Gao, Zheng Xu

C-Flow: Visualizing Foot Traffic and Profit Data to Make Informative Decisions

Tiffany Chao, Ruofei Du, Jonathan Gluck, Hitesh Maidasani, Kent Wills, Ben Shneiderman

57aMP: Create physical stamps using the thermal power of touch.

Tiffany Chao, Ruofei Du, Jon Froehlich

Cubot: An In-hand or Wearable Input Device Attached onto Everyday Object

Ruofei Du, Fan Du, Jon Froehlich

57fire: Create live fire illusion in holographic display using heat

Ruofei Du, Tiffany Chao, Jon Froehlich

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